The Best Keto Box Cake Mix? (w/homemade chocolate frosting) #keto #ketocake #kingarthurketocake

Knowing how to make a cake from scratch is fantastic, but it’s a wise idea to acknowledge the convenience and taste benefits of a high-quality keto box mix.

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with King Arthur’s keto baking ingredients, and their new box cake mix is no exception.

Simple yet indulgent, this cake is the perfect option for special occasions and simple enough to make any day of the week.

FEATURED RECIPE ***scale and print the recipe via the blog***:


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FEATURED RECIPE *** scale and print the recipe via the blog***:


– King Arthur Chocolate Keto Cake Mix:
– Milkadamia, Vanilla (unsweetened):
– 6” Round Parchment Liners:
– 6” Springform Pan:

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